Why Work With Us?

Imagine you start a business and do everything yourself until one day you can’t keep going at it alone so you need to hire someone to help. How would you feel about handing over all of your passwords, sharing your confidential information and handing over work to a complete stranger with the hopes that they will treat your business the way they do? We will treat your business with excellent. Isn't that what right hands do? 

My Business Manager is your new right hand (or left, if you are a lefty)! Whether you’re a small business just starting out or established, we will help you manage social media accounts, operations,launches, projects, and much more. Working with My Business Manager allows you to have more free time for what matters the most to you – making money or time to enjoy life. Focusing on other income producing tasks, while we can worry about the team.

Don’t have a team? Borrow ours! Contact us today to get your time back.
My Business Manager Can Help You With
Administrative Support
Basic Website Management/HTML
Operations Management
Customer Service
Event Management
Virtual Events
Speaker Support
Merchant Accounts
Webinar/Teleclass Setup & Management
 Online Business Management
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